Any Guys Designing Shoes?

by GrrrlsCaress
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How many guys are on the site designing shoes?

Are you a guy or a girl?




AnimeGrrl | Dream Heels Member


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I think its cool that there are guys designing! But will they be wearing their creations once they win? regular_smile.gif

brothersole | Dream Heels Member


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I'm a guy. You might call what I do design tounge_smile.gif

robelf | Dream Heels Member


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Like to make graphic design and so I fit my designs on the shoes,RobE

Kalito | Dream Heels Member


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Hello am into High Heels,as well into grafics design,I'm just getting started.


rocketpark | Dream Heels Member


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just joined.. thinking about adding some designs... and no... i wont be wearing them... hehehe.

ninholl | Dream Heels Member


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hi ... I'm happy = D

joanpoan | Dream Heels Member


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Hey, no I wouldn't wear them. But i'd like to buy them for my girlfriend though.

amallery | Dream Heels Member


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Hi, I just joined and I design ladies footwear. I am also an artist, so when I came across this site, I had to join so I can submit a few designs for Dream Heels. I don't have the software to submit, as it may seem strange being a designer, but I mostly design freehand graphic sketches, so has anyone ever submitted a design by email scan?

nooblet | Dream Heels Member


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 Also a Guy Designer, Mostly do graphic design in the paintball industry. Have a super supportive girlfriend who happens to look amazing in heels. So here I am.



koozy14 | Dream Heels Member


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I'm a guy designer too.  I love to create graphics, and there is nothing more motivating than the idea of seeing my wife in shoes I created!  Nothing like a long-legged muse!!

mahesh2000 | Dream Heels Member


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shoe design is design. design principles apply universally.

shoes are just a way to limit a domain and unleash the creativity within that structure.

if the shoe fits, design it.


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