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This topic is to welcome all new Dream Heels members. Use it to introduce yourself, tell us a little about who you are, and get to know other members.


Welcome everyone! teeth_smile.gif


ShoeGirl | Dream Heels Member


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I'll start! I'm ShoeGirl, I'm 26 and from the US. I love shoes, especially unique ones! And thats why I love this site!! I'm a wannabe artist and I love photography. My favorite things to photograph are flowers and rain.

I'd love to get to know you all!

AnimeGrrl | Dream Heels Member


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Hi ShoeGirl!! I'm into photography too! I love how plants look after it rains, with the little drops all over them.

I'm AnimeGrrl, 19, and obviously I love Anime, and manga style art. I draw constantly but I'm pretty new to digital art, so bare with me! I think this site is an amazing idea, I can't wait to buy some shoes (and hopefully win the contest teeth_smile.gif).

GrrrlsCaress | Dream Heels Member


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Hey everyone! I'm 31 from the states. Love this site! Love shoes! Love design!

Mandilinaz | Dream Heels Member


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Hi :) I'm Mandilinaz ,20 (even though it keeps saying im 19 :s )  from the UK (Scotland) just got my diploma in graphic design and visual communications so... i pretty much love photoshop and illustrator :) . I'm pretty obsessed with unusual/alternative fashion  ...I love Iron Fist shoes/heels the detail in some of their designs is amazing!

robelf | Dream Heels Member


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I'm Rob Elfferich retired screenprint studio owner and making graphics for some stockphoto sites and websites for family and friends. I saw this dreamheels site and give it a try to make a design. My first is accepterd in the contest:http://www.dreamheels.com/my_dream_heels_shoe_design_77ct 

I woold like to see your comment and advise.Greets from hollandRob Elfferich

highheelsize9 | Dream Heels Member


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I'm Canadian, mid-20s and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shoes. I think this site is a great opportunity to be creative and unique - and to also own heels that can be admired anywhere you go.

I'm working on a design, and so far I love some the options already posted.

Can't wait to see the first winner!


pssstt | Dream Heels Member


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hi everyone!

I'm a fashion design student from Lisbon and well I have a thing for shoes...so I was just thrilled when I found this site.

I love bright colors, patterns, natural textures and unexpected details. Everything that could light up a rainy day...

Check out my designs, I'd love some feedback! :)

samwear | Dream Heels Member


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 ciao a tutti,

I am steven from Holland, but I have my customized sportswear factory in Albania.

I just love all customized personalized productions so I am definetely gonna use it to get my wife sam unique high heels to the one-off dresses I already treat her with.

NB every design deserves to be produced!wink_smile.gif

Rolandofoto | Dream Heels Member


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 Hello my name is Rolando Espinoza I'm a photographer/Designer my wife loves shoes so i decided to give it a try

Good Luck to all



KateSgulp | Dream Heels Member


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Hi! My name is Katia,  and i´m from Mexico :).

I´m a graphic design student :)

Saludos y besos!!

guevara | Dream Heels Member


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Hi.Im guevara ..im new to the site.and i dont really now how all of this works so help would be nice thanks:)i love shoes n dresses and i would love to be able to design them but im not a goo artist thats why i think itll be easier 2 deisgn them online..but im not sure how to so help please!!teeth_smile.gif

dztc3s | Dream Heels Member


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I'm a thirty something gal from the US who is indeed a shoe addict!  I love unique and conversation starter shoes....maybe I'll get daring and submit a design but for now I'm just enjoying the site and the designs.

mskellee | Dream Heels Member


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Good day Everyone!!!!!!

I am a 29 year old lady that hails from Washington DC, Shoes; I adore' - Fashion; can't live without - ART: I embrace it!  I am in the works to create and design my own shoe,  become a brand that stays like Manolo & Louboutin! I await the day where we all can sit around and learn this masterful art of shoe design....  for anyone who is interested and really want to make your dream come true check this site out. I signed up and I recommend you do the same! Think and Be BIG! wink_smile.gif


amallery | Dream Heels Member


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Hello everyone, I'm Aaron, a designer and artist in New Orleans!wink_smile.gif

TiffYG2133 | Dream Heels Member


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Yo! ^_^

I'm Tiffany & I guess you could say I have a she fetish (what female dosen't) and I thought this was a great idea & thought I'd try it!

Kailey86 | Dream Heels Member


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Hello to all!

I'm Kailey, I'm 23 and live in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. I'm with you all shoes are what makes the world go round! I hope I could submit hand drawn designs and scan them with a colour scanner (fingers crossed) as I love to draw and love shoes so why not put them together right?! Can't wait to see some of your designs and if you win who knows maybe I'll be wearing a pair soon!

shanna | Dream Heels Member


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I am new here I was trying to figure out how to order shoes that I have designed. Is this just a site to have contest of voting on the best heel?



KateBam | Dream Heels Member


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I'm Kate - just a kid fyi (only 15) - and I was bored and my friends and I love shoes, so I wanted to design some of my own just to show them.

Oh I'm from Canada, and I like to Draw/Design so we'll see how I do!

glaviola | Dream Heels Member


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Hi everyone! My name is Gustavo, i'm 23 years old and i live in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil! teeth_smile.gif

mnowens | Dream Heels Member


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Hi there!

My name is Megan and I'm a 24 year old design student from the US... And, obviously, I love shoes! :D

hhapydreamsigner | Dream Heels Member


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Hi dear friends! I'm hhapydreamsigner, from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico,I decided to name my self this way, because Since almost 20 years ago  what I always makes me very happy is to designing high heels, it is my hobbie, and one of my life passions, many times every day I imagine new high heels designs, and even some times I dream with new high heels designs, and looking in the web for new ways to design brought me to this Wonderful and very noble Dreamheels Company, One of my golden dreams is to be a successful high heels designer Letme tell you that all the designs I have been loking from you are so special and wonderful, thanks to every one of you dear friends for be here! 

littlebarbaric | Dream Heels Member


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hey hey  hey

i'm Mia, and i'm 17 years old, i'm still school, grade 12. actually my school's major skill is secretary, but i love design and fashion.

SandySu | Dream Heels Member


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Hi everyone im Sandy

im 16 years and still at school :)


im not a designer or a great photographer but i love fashion especially when it comes to asian culture designs or fashion - -


i always come across dull and the same styled shoes that i see everywhere or in stores.. so i thought maybe i could design something different.. unique so to speak so i decided to enter this contest this year :))


i hope you will all enjoy my design when it gets entered ;D

laybug55 | Dream Heels Member


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Hello everyone! I am graphic designer from the US of A and new to Dream Heals. This looks like great fun and I've seen several great designs on the site so far. I'm a major shoe horse so I thought I'd try my hand at making a cool design... Anyways if see my design please crituqe. Thanks!

Juan3107 | Dream Heels Member


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Hello My name is Juan,i'm from New Jersey and I am a graphic design student.The reason I joined dreamheels.com,was because I just wanted to create something cool and make money with it in the future.

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