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Something's Fishy - September Shoe Design Contest Winner

By dreamheels

We saw a lot of great new designs in September; so much so that it was hard to pick a winner! But with the help of your votes, we were able to narrow down the choices to just one entry.

Now, without further ado, the winner of the September shoe design contest is:

Koi Fish by AnimeGrrl

AnimeGrrl created an intricate Koi fish design for her second entry to the contest. The Koi symbolizes aspiration, hope, and love; definitely things we can all appreciate!

AnimeGrrl receives $250 in cash and $250 in Dream Heels Gift Certificates for her design. She also gets up to $1500 in residuals when we start selling her shoes!

Thank you everyone who entered the contest in September. If you didn’t win, don’t fret! Your entries can still continue on into next month’s contest for another chance to win!

Need some extra cash this month? Submit your shoe design! Just make sure you follow the guidelines.

Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite designs!

dreamheels | Dream Heels Member

August Shoe Design Contest Winner

By dreamheels

It's time again to choose the next winner of the Dream Heels design competition. As determined by the community, the August winner is:

Rainbow Octopi by SexySerpent

This shoe features a beautiful rainbow tentacle print on a black background. Keep an eye out for it coming soon to the Dream Heels shop!

For winning, SexySerpent receives $250 in cash and $250 in Dream Heels Gift Certificates. She also receives up to $1500 in residuals! That's a pretty sweet deal!

Want a piece of the action? Submit your shoe design.

Design isn't your thing? Vote and help us choose the next winner!

dreamheels | Dream Heels Member

How To Win At Dream Heels

By dreamheels

We've added a short section to our FAQ on how to win the shoe design competition. Be sure to check it out before you submit your designs.

dreamheels | Dream Heels Member

Announcing Our First Shoe Design Contest Winner

By dreamheels

As selected by the Dream Heels community, we're proud to announce the first winner of the Dream Heels shoe design competition:

Reclining Couple by Aphrodite!


This Japanese-inspired design features a couple relaxing on the toe of the shoe. Cherry blossoms float through the air, released from the tree limbs at the rear of the shoe.

Congratulations to Aphrodite! She has received $250 in cash and $250 in Dream Heels Gift Certificates. She will also be receiving $0.50 for every shoe we sell in the shop (up to $1500).

Speaking of the shop, keep an eye out for this shoe coming soon! Subscribe to our newsletter and we'll notify you when it's available.

Thank you everyone who entered and voted! Don't worry if you didn't win this round, the contest is ongoing and the next winner will be selected in September.

Get your entries in now!

dreamheels | Dream Heels Member

Welcome To Dream Heels!

By dreamheels

We're happy to announce the beginning of our public beta. Sign-ups are now open to everyone!

Dream Heels is the first online community where anyone can design printed high heels, and earn cash and free shoes in return. We encourage you to start designing shoes now by following the instructions on the Design page. You can also take part by voting for your favorite designs, and letting us know what shoes we should make next.

To help spread the word, use the Share links throughout the site to tell your friends about us or any designs you are particularly fond of. You can also link to DreamHeels.com using your referrer link (you get one when you sign-up) and earn yourself free shoes in the process!

We will no doubt encounter a few kinks during these beginning stages, so your input and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Use the forum or contact us directly to let us know what would make Dream Heels better for you. Your feedback truly counts!

We're extremely excited to see what the future holds for our community, and we truly hope you enjoy using the site!

Best regards,
The Dream Heels staff

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